Import – Export

Well versed in tariff and import legislation, we take pride in our professional approach to shipping both personal and production goods into and out of Canada and Europe. With a network of offices and import agents around the world, we know the ins and outs of getting goods to your door without any additional hassles.

Roscher Transport

We’ve been bringing Canada and Europe closer together for the last 25 years. During this time, we’ve perfected our delivery network system that has safely and quickly brought family’s belongings and business’ products to their proper destination. Being family owned, we take pride in making sure we can offer you the best possible transport solution.


We’re always here to help. Have any questions regarding a possible shipment or an estimate? Would you like a status update on your shipment? Feel free to contact us at or call our office at (905)-403-1093. Making sure you feel as safe and secure as your cargo is our mission.


Whether you’ve purchased a new vehicle overseas or are moving your entire life to a new country, we have both small and large shipping containers to ensure your items arrive safe and sound. Our reliable infrastructure both on land, in the air and over sea is ready to handle both your commercial and personal cargo. We’ll also help you build the ideal shipping package suited to your budget and your schedule.

Our Flexibility

A one-size-fits-all approach really only helps transporters. Ultimately, it hinders customers in the long run because it deprioritizes their needs. We believe that you should not be held hostage to foreign delivery schedules. Our ideal transport solution is perfectly tailored to the rhythms of your life and your business. Everything else is secondary to us. Contact us to help you setup the best transport solution that suits your and your clients’ needs the most.

International Moving

New job overseas? Let us ease the stress. Our ocean freight containers can ship your entire life where you need to be, when you need to be there. We continue to be the first choice for companies big and small, delivering quality and quantity with friendly, flawless service.

Individual Shipping

We specialize in moving delicate and specialized shipments with speed. Our extensive experience and knowledge of the individual needs from clients all over the world guarantees the best care for your package from beginning to end.

Bulky Shipments

Have a shipment that doesn’t fit with prepackaged options most companies offer? We’ve got you covered. We can offer customized transport options to help you bring your shipment to its destination.

Vehicle Export

Transporting cars and motorcycle seem like an intimidating and tricky affair, especially if it’s your first time. Besides helping you setup the best way to transport your vehicle, we can also help guide you through the necessary bureaucratic process.